Standalone smoke detector

The standalone smoke detector is designed to protect you and your family from the dangers of smoke and fire, the Ei 100BQWX continuously monitors for the signs of smoke and fire even if in the event of power loss in your home. It has an easily visible test button and the alarm will warn you when the battery needs replacing by giving an intermittent “beep” sound. Easy to install and comes complete with battery and fixing kit.

The Standalone smoke detector Ei 100BNX is tested, accredited, and Kitemarked by BSI to EN 14604; 2005 and has a 5-year Guarantee.

Sufficient smoke must enter your standalone smoke detector before it will respond. Your Smoke detector needs to be within 10 paces (23 feet)of the fire to respond quickly. It also needs to be in a position where its alarm can be heard throughout your home, so it can wake you and your family in time for you all to escape. A single Smoke Alarm will give some protection if it is properly installed, but most homes will require two or more to ensure that a reliable early warning is given. For maximum protection, you should put individual Smoke Alarms in all the rooms where the fire is most likely to break out. Your first Smoke Alarm should be located between the sleeping area and the most likely sources of fire (living room or kitchen for example). But it should not be more than 10 paces (seven meters) from the door to any room where a fire might start and block your escape from the house.




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  • 9v Alkaline battery operated
  • Ideal for use in bedrooms
  • Responsive to fast flaming fires such as paper and clothing
  • The cover cannot be closed if the battery removed
  • Comes complete with fixings
  • Easy find test button
  • Certified to BSI EN 14604: 2005
  • Made in Ireland
  • Quick easy installation – no wiring
  • 5 Year Guarantee

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