Automatic gates

smart d5 centurion gate motor

Automatic gates can be sliding gates or swing gates. Automated Garages and doors.

Automatic gates can be centurion D5 sliding gate motor vantage 400 / vantage 500 swing gate motor, Centurion D10 sliding gate motor, 4m rail racks, remote buttons, infrared beams, wheel kit, Battery 12v 7ah. All equipment is solar compatible.

Automatic gates motor can be operated remotely using a remote button, or switch.

Centurion Vantage 400 Centurion Vantage 400 Swing Gate

Swing Gate Automation The swing gate motor will work on most standard gates found in most households. It is fast, very durable, and very strong. They can be connected to work with solar.

Sliding gate motor Centurion D5 Sliding Gate Motor. This is the most economical gate motor in the market. It is very stable and easy to install. It comes with an onboard screen that can be used for programming. It can be used to push any standard gate with less than 500kg push force.

New and improved Centurion D5 Smart gate Motor.

Improvements have been made in speed, smart hardware, easy diagnostics and logging, and wireless user interface. This means you can do most configurations using your phone when in range. Check out the D5 smart brochure.

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