Baofeng Handheld Radio Call Walkie Talkie, BF-888S

Baofeng Handheld Radio Call Walkie Talkie BF-888S is an easy to use professional two-way radio that incorporates the latest in advanced technology and craft. So, you will be pleased with the quality and features of the products. The BF-888S is a full-featured two-way radio and handheld transceiver with long-range capabilities up to 6km. Each radio comes with a charger, antenna, and everything you need to get started communicating conveniently at a long-range, whether in a recreational context like camping or on-site at your business. The BF-888S includes many perks that elevate it above an average Walkie Talkie, such as VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) which makes it unnecessary to push a button to talk. Its other features include a built-in high illumination flashlight and an emergency alarm.

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Baofeng Handheld Radio Call Walkie Talkie BF-888S Key Features :-
  • 16 Memory Channels
  • 50 CTCSS /105 CDCSS
  • Battery Saving Features
  • Low Voltage Alert
  • VOX, Scanning, & Monitor Functions
  • English Voice Prompt


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