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Patsec Solutions is the leading security solutions provider in the country. We strive to offer working solutions in all areas and aspects related to security. Hikvision, Risco Systems, Texecom Systems, Centurion Gate systems. Our products such as CCTV systems, alarm system and perimeter security come from global leaders in respective areas of production. We supply and install CCTV security cameras, spy cameras, Access control systems, bio-metric time attendance systems, automatic gates systems from centurion systems, fire alarm, fire rated doors, car-track systems,metal and luggage scanners, wireless anti-theft systems.

We are located at White Angle House, room number 76, along Accra road.

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We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing quality security systems solutions. We pride ourselves in providing unmatched professional solutions in the saturated field of security solutions.


We strive to provide working solution in any scenario. with our vast knowledge in network systems, we are able to provide solutions beyond the scope of security system, by integrating with various devices to provide efficient and complete solution.

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Learn more about configurations of time attendance system, on some of the products that we offer.

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