Alarm Infrared Beam Sensors

Alarm Infrared Beam Sensors are designed with rainproof cover,all-weather integrated structure design of fully sealed rainproof High-power transmitter, 90% sensitivity margin, high-power infrared transmitter-receiver pair tube, low-power processing technology lightning protection circuit design.High level of anti RFI/EMI capability and unique digital filter circuit design. Resistant to strong light up to 50,000 LUX, built-in automatic adjustment of the strong light filter system, to avoid the impact of strong light or car lights.

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Alarm Infrared Beam Sensors can replace the passive infrared intrusion detector installed in small supermarkets, convenience stores, visitors import and export, window entrance protection, but also applicable to schools, office buildings, dormitories, home courtyards and other security systems. The best installation height should be more than 2Ocm, installation distance should be not less than 1 m; infrared protection device should be vertically placed, and in the same horizontal line.First, please install the receiver, then the transmitter(when in a straight line, OFF light of receiver goes out), then fix,connect line and complete installation.

Color: black

Infrared FrequencyOperating Voltage:12-24V DC/

ACwave length:940nm

Operating Temperature:-25℃ to+55℃

Relay output:N.C./N.O.

Optimum Distance < 15m

Package Content : 1 Pair x Active Infrared Detector, 1 English Usage Manual, 1 Bag Install Tools


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