Lightsys GSM Module for alarm systems

Lightsys GSM Module for alarm systems is an easy-to-add plug-in module that enables the system to communicate over the GPRS/GSM networks for reporting, control, and programming. It can be used as the primary communication or as a backup for the IP or PSTN communications in case of communication failure.

Reporting events to monitor stations can be done over voice, SMS, or GPRS using the RISCO IP Receiver. Events can be reported in SIA/IP, SIA, and Contact ID monitoring protocols.

Using the GSM/GPRS module, end users can obtain system control using DTMF or  SMS In addition, users can enjoy peace of mind by receiving real-time SMS, voice messages, and email alerts.

Lightsys GSM Module for alarm systems also supports two-way voice communication which is beneficial for elderly care, allowing two-way communication with users in times of emergency.




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