TH-Mars 8 Electric Fence Energizer

TH-mars 8 Electric Fence Energizer Features:-

Main features include:

  •  Energizers up to 40km(TH-Mars 8) of clean wire
  •  Powered by: AC mains power or, 12v deep cycle lead-acid/gel battery (not included) 40w solar panel (not included) in conjunction with a 12v battery as above
  • 6 operating modes including a cost-efficient day/night full/half power save
  •  2 different pulse intervals of 1.5 seconds and 2.5 seconds
  • 2 different max output of full and half energy
  •  LED display the energizer working states, power/on/shock
  •  Waterproof and dustproof



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TH-mars 8 electric fence energizer:-

  • Performance Characteristics
  • output voltage: 7-10kv
  • pulse width: 100us(1/1000 second)
  • Working distance of single wire fence is up to 40,000m(TH-Mars 8)
  • Stored energy: 2/5/8 joules
  • Consumption(Max):

                 Mars 8  :   3 watt

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