JWM Guard Tour System

JWM guard tour system is an easy to operate, no button RFID induction. It has vibration and colorful LED dual reading prompts, to easily understand the status of the patrol reader.

Features of JWM guard tour device:-
i) Long battery life:-Only takes 3 hours to charge. Can be used for 29 days when reading the checkpoint tags 500 times a day.
ii) Free Software:- The standalone software is supplied by default. Installation packages are sent with the package.
iii) Low battery alert, no need to worry about running out of battery while patrolling.
iV) Alloy shell, and has a silicone case, drop-proof, will not be damaged by violence.
V) IP67 protection rating, waterproof and dustproof, can be used normally in harsh environment.
Vi) Small and light to carry. Employees can put the patrol reader in their pockets during the process of going to the next checkpoint tag.




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JWM guard tour system software:-

i) Installed via the CD in the package. Managers can set patrol schedules, view patrol reports, etc.
ii) If the security guard misses the patrol time, it will show the missed patrol in the report. Managers can monitor the work of employees through reports.
iii) Data can only be stored on one computer, and need to be reset the schedule after changing computers.

Jwm Guard Tour System



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