Electric Fence Insupipes

Electric Fence Insupipes are a fundamental component of any electric fence. They are made from a non-conductive material, such as porcelain or plastic, and form a barrier between the electrified wire and its support material to prevent current leakage to the ground. Plastic insulators are the most common type of insulator used on electric fences. They are cheap and easy to fit.
To use as an insulator, simply cut to length and staple on to timber post. Or through a hole made in the wooden post. Also useful for insulating linking wires in an alternating power electric fence.

We have black insupipes and white insupipes. White insupipes are prefered since they tend to be stronger and durable, but they are also expensive.

Black inupipes will also work, they are cheap and easy to maintain. Before buying any insupipe, it is recommended to pick depending on the size of your electric fence wire. There are two types of wire, 1.6mm galvanized wire and 2.5mm galvanized wire.



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