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Conventional Fire Alarm Sounder and Strobe

Conventional Fire Alarm Sounder and Strobe. It is powered by a 24v electrical circuit. In the event of a fire, the sounder will sound and flash at the same time. Very stable and reliable; easy to install and wire; can be used in different emergency situations.

1. Adopt the two-wire or the four-wire system wiring method
2. The mainline end receives two main lines, No polarization
3. Connect the power end to a DC24V power line.

Conventional Fire Alarm Sounder and Strobe Technical parameters:

operating voltage: dc20v~28v

working current: 100ma~150ma

flash intensity: ≥1.2ws flash period: ≤1.5s

temperature range: -10oc ~ +50oc

humidity range: 0%~95%rh

sound pressure level: ≥100db

life of flashlight: ≥40000

times type of sound alarm: 3 kinds




Asenware 2 Zone Convectional Fire Panel(Opens in a new browser tab)


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