Yuasa Backup Batteries 12v 17Ah

Yuasa Backup Batteries 12v 17Ah used in access control, alarm systems and electric fence systems to provide power in case of power blackout.






Yuasa Backup Batteries 12v 17Ah Features:-

  • Rechargeable maintenance-free sealed lead acid battery YUASA
  • Battery NP17-12 is waterproof
  • Absorbent Glass Mat battery
  • Battery Yuasa NP17-12 can be put in all positions (excepted upside down)
  • More than 99% gas recombination
  • Safety valves low pressure tray in ABS UL94 HB (standard)
  • Connection in series or parallel
  • Lead-Tin-calcium plates high yield
  • Long service life of the Yuasa battery
  • Low self-discharge / long-term storage
  • Wide range of temperature of operating
  • Using the battery NP17-12 on floating or cycling
  • Good recovery after deep discharges



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