Wireless Alarm Door Magnetic Sensor

Wireless Alarm Door Magnetic Sensor is a supervised transmitter ideal for wireless perimeter door/window protection in residential and small commercial applications. The transmitter has a built-in magnetic contact and additional zone input that can be connected to wired magnetic contacts or to other wired sensors that can be used for various control or security applications. The WL 72I has an additional reed switch for anti-sabotage detection that is not included with the T72C. Any attempt to defeat the detector using large magnets will cause a tamper condition.

Operates together with RISCO Group programmable receivers and is powered by a standard 3-volt lithium battery.




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Wireless Alarm Door Magnetic Sensor Features:

  • Built-in magnetic contact
  • Dedicated switch for anti-sabotage to defeat strong magnets
  • Operates up to 1000 ft. (300m) range (outdoor)
  • Selective wired input – N.C., N.O. or DEOL
  • Uses one of more than 16 million pseudo-randomly selected code addresses for setup (no DIP switches).
  • Battery-life saving: events are only sent once every 2.5 minutes
  • Fully supervised
  • Selective input response time adjusted to wired sensors (fast for shock sensors, slow for magnetic switches)
  • Back & Cover tamper protection
  • Compatible with RISCO systems: Agility™, WisDom, ProSYS™, LightSYS™
  • Model name: RWT72I; RWT72M


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