Walk-through Metal Detector

Walk-through metal detector has more than four times the detection coils of competitive models. It  provides uniform detection and precise pinpointing. Independent zone indicator lights on both side panels identify not only height but also left, center and right locations for one or more objects passing through the archway.




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Walk-through Metal Detector Features:-

  •  Multi zones provide precise location of one or more objects simultaneously. Multiple targets are indicated on both walkthrough panels simultaneously via bright LED zone indicators.
  • Directional Counter With four settings for counting (forward, reverse, subtract in reverse, and bi-directional).
  • DUAL DETECTION With transmitters and receivers in each panel, it is the equivalent of two detectors in one. By scanning from both sides, it provides superior detection, uniformity and performance.
  • OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE More than 20 standard programs for security versatility. Multiple units can be installed as close as 2 inches from each other.
  • PACING LIGHTS At the entrance display universal “wait” and “proceed” symbols for traffic control.
  • ALARMS Audible tone and volume adjustable. Bright LED visual alarm.
  • Visual Displays: LED zone indicator lights on both panels. Pace lights on entry side only, with intuitive images.
  • Passageway Interior Size Width 30″ (0.76 m) Height 80″ (2.03 m) Depth 23″ (0.58 m).
  • Power Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 watts; no rewiring, switching or adjustments needed.


Garret Hand-Held Metal Detector


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