Th-mars 12 electric fence energizer

Th-mars 12 electric fence energizer features:-

Main features :

  • Powered by: AC mains power or, 12v deep cycle lead-acid/gel battery (not included) 30-60w solar panel (not included) in conjunction with a 12v battery as above

  • 6 operating modes including a cost-efficient day/night full/half power save

  • 2 different pulse intervals of 1.5 seconds and 2.5 seconds

  • 2 different max output of full and half energy

  • LCD shows the energizer working state, voltage , interval time, setting etc.

  • LED display the energizer working states, power/on/shock

  • Waterproof and dustproof IP44

  • TimerOption



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Th-mars 12 electric fence energizer performance:-

  • output voltage: 7-11 kv

  • pulse width: 100 us (1/1000 second)

  • Stored energy: 8/12  joules

  • Consumption(Max):- Mars 12 :   4 watt

    Package Contents

  • 1 x Electric Fence Energizer

  • 1 x Mains power adaptor

  • 1 x Lead-out cable (red) to connect Energizer to fence

  • 1 x Earth-ing cable (green) to connect Energizer to earth-ing system

  • 1 x Set of leads to connect Energizer to 12 v deep cycle lead-acid/gel battery option (red and black clips)

  • 1 x user manual

  • 1 x box packaging


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