Nemtek lightning Inhibitor and diverter

Nemtek Lightning Inhibitor and Diverter offers external lightning protection which reduces the likelihood of power surge coming through the fence wires to the energizer.

It  offers a two pronged approach. First it inhibits the lightning surge from damaging the energizer and secondly it diverts any lightning surge away from the energizers into the ground through the earth spikes

Lightning naturally wants to take the path of least resistance to earth. The coil inhibits the lightning from travelling to the energizer. The two metal plates will arc and divert the lightning into the earth via the earth spike.



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Nemtek Lightning Inhibitor and Diverter Features:-

  • Built-in lightning inhibitor, inhibits lightning from getting to the energizer
  • Diverts the lightning from the energizer into the earth spikes
  • External UV-stabilised cover and stainless steel components for outdoor use.

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