CPS 6002 Dual zone energizer hammer energizer

CPS 6002 Dual zone energizer hammer energizer consists of dual high voltage zones. These zones are hard-wired zones, each wired directly from the energizer. The dual and quad-zone units have been designed with a separate high voltage transformer for each zone, so that if one zone is shorted then the other zones still have power. The LCD keypad is used to display system information and to control the energizer. The system is also programmable from the keypad and was designed for ease of installation and maximum security.

  • Fully programmable
  • 4 Joule per zone
  • Stored Energy: 15J
  • Backup time: 12 hrs
  • Battery Capacity 7ah



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CPS 6002 Dual zone energizer hammer energizer features:-

– Fully programmable
– LCD keypad included
– High voltage live line monitoring with alarm.
– Earth line monitoring with alarm via Smart link
– Gate (Auxiliary) monitoring with alarm.
– Siren and Strobe connections
– Battery backup
– Solar enabled
– Lightning and power surge suppression built in
– Multiple keypads can be added
– Optional extra alarm outputs per zone

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