Tronic Genuine Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 30

Low power (under-voltage) will damage any refrigeration appliance’s compressor and High Power (Over voltage) will damage any electrical or electronic equipment. The AVS30 is the most complete power protection device combining over-voltage, under-voltage, power-back surges and spikes/surge protection. Additionally, there is a delay when power returns to normal. This will ensure that the appliance is not switched on-off repeatedly during fluctuations nor it is subjected to a massive surge normally experienced when power returns after power cuts. Also accommodating a start up / inrush current of 110Amps.

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Key Features
  • Protection against:
    • High voltage
    • Low voltage
    • Spikes/surges
    • Powerbacks surges
  • Ideal for:
    • Air conditioners
    • Large fridge/freezers
    • Whole office
    • Complete circuits
  • Max power: 30 amps
  • Wait time: User adjustable from 10 seconds and 10 minutes


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