30 Watt Alarm Siren Horn Dual Tone

30 Watt Alarm Siren Horn Dual Tone, 122 dB Exterior, the self-contained dual-tone for use in a security environment.

Can be used with any alarm system.



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30 Watt Alarm Siren Horn Dual Tone Features:-

  • 12V 115bB treble speaker, far volume, can be worked with various alarm connections.
  • When someone breaks in illegally, the alarm horn will issue a three-alarm to let you know where the accident happened.
  • ABS fire-retardant shell, widely used in alarm host, air leakage alarm, infrared peripheral alarm equipment, etc.
  • Installation options are flexible and convenient. Generally installed in the wall or doorway or balcony and other places, the installation height of 2.5 meters or more.

· Strong and durable, small and light, long service life.


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