Universal GSM Alarm Unit

Universal GSM Alarm Unit Functions:

1) Send alarm SMS by trigger signal

2) Dialing by the sim card and telephone line

3) SMS text changeable

4) 3 controllable out put,4 trigger model:(+/-)

5) 20 alarm memory number, 1-10 SMS number and 11-20 dialing number.

6) Record 20 sec voice message

7) Level trigger model/Edge trigger model

8) Alarm status of siren

9) Two dialing mode: Pulse/ Tone

10) Check sim card account by SMS

11)Set alarm on or off by controller

12) With missed-call reply output function can open gate




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Universal GSM Alarm Unit HX-GD30:

1) Supports both GSM and PSTN networks.
2) Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3) 2 sections voice record (every one max1 minutes )
4) 20 alarm memory number, 1-10 SMS number and 11-20 dialing number.
5) 4 operation trigger Input + /-
6) 4 controllable outputs by SMS or keypad
7) Friendly LCD display operation
8) Remote monitoring site and talking via phone
9) Arm and disarm the alarm system by SMS and keypad
10) Free charges. the call from authorized number control Output 4 turn ON/OFF
11)Multi-languages optional (English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, German menu and manual)

12)Two way communication.


Technical Parameters

Model: HX-GD20, HX-GD30

Manual: English

GSM/GPRS Module:SIM900

Dial Model: Tone (DTMF)/Pulse

GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900mhz

Trigger Model: Level/Edge Trigger

Certificate: CE.EMC

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