Electric Fence High Tensile Wire

Electric Fence High Tensile Wire. It is coated with Zinc to make it rust-resistant. Ideal as a “weaving” wire, it is shiny, versatile, and available in a variety of gauges. It can be used for fencing purposes, strengthening an already existing fence, or for electric fencing purposes as it is made from high carbon steel.

25Kg, 1.6mm is approximately 1200m.




It has a higher resistance to corrosion environments and a longer life span on the fence. The 316 grade is the wire of choice for highly corrosive coastal areas.

Electric Fence High Tensile Wire Features:
• GI can be used in most corrosive environments and near the coast (5km)
• GI can be used in the harshest corrosive environments and on the coast.
• High in tensile strength


AISI 316 Galvanized Wire
Tensile Strength, Ultimate: 580 MPa (58kg/mm2)
Tensile Strength, Yield: 290 MPa (29kg/mm2)
Elongation at Break 50 %

Electric Fence High Tensile Wire 25KG


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