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Asenware Conventional Manual Call Point

Asenware Conventional Manual Call Point is designed to be used with an intelligent two-wire control system. If it is pressed after a fire is manually confirmed, an alarm signal may be sent to a fire alarm control system which will, after receiving the alarm signal, display the equipment status of the manual fire call points. When the manual fire call points are operating normally, the red indicator will blink; when there is a fire alarm, it will remain lit.

1 Semi-flush or surface mounting
2 Compatible with the latest EN standards
3 Lever reusable (non-glass break)
4 LED indicator




Asenware Conventional Manual Call Point Features:-

1. These Manual call points are high reliability and easy installation.
2.     Available for flush or surface mounting
3.     DC24V or AC220V powered, two-wire connection
Suitable for most conventional fire alarm system


Asenware 2 Zone Convectional Fire Panel(Opens in a new browser tab)


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