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8 Zone Asenware Fire Alarm Control Panel

8 Zone Asenware Fire alarm control panel Specification:-

  1. It is modularized design, the panel can expend from 1 zone to 32 zones easily.
  2. It has 2 level control mode by a lock
  3. It has 24VDC and 5VDC power supply output.
  4. It has FIRE and FAULT signal output.
  5. It has 2 general sounders output.
  6. Each zone has 1 circuit detectors input .
  7. Each zone can be disable by a button.
  8. It has RESET button to reset the panel.
  9. It has SILENCE button to stop BUZZER and SOUNDERS.
  10. It has EVACUATE button to start a manual fire alarm immediately.
  11. It has battery low protection function, when battery voltage lower than 21VDC, battery will be cut off automatically until the mains power is on.
  12. It has an optional GSM module for fire alarm by SMS .



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8 Zone Asenware Fire Alarm Control Panel Specifications:-

ITEM 8Zone panel
Model No. AW-CFP2166-04-16
Mains supply voltage 110VAC or 240VAC
Internal power supply 27.2VDC
Total output current limited 3A @ 240VAC
Batteries (Default Configuration) 12V2AH*2-24VDC in Total
End of Line device 6.8k Q,5% tolerance, 0.25W (color code-blue, grey, red, gold)
End of line resistor value 6.8k 22,5% tolerance, 0.25W (color code-blue, grey, red, gold)
Dimensions(mm) 395*502″124mm
Weight (without batteries) 7kg
Weight (with batteries) 9.6kg

2 Zone Asenware Conventional Fire Panel(Opens in a new browser tab)

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